WPSA Coupons Addon

With the WPSA Coupons addon, it gives you the option to setup coupon codes for individual or all active products, with the option of a percentage discount or a set discount amount.

Coupons are a great way to offer your loyal customers a discount on new products you sell. Or even providing to affiliates a coupon code, so they can offer a small discount when promoting your products, always a great way to improve their conversions!

How about offering a discount coupon if the visitor tries to leave before purchasing in a exit popup, or in PPC ads and banners. So many ways to use coupons in your marketing.

With WPSA Coupons…

It has the option to set a discount percentage or set amount, and expiry dates. Setup unlimited individual coupon codes for a single product or coupons that work with all products you sell.

The actual ‘enter coupon’ link is discreet, so it’s not IN YOUR FACE for those visitors who do not have a coupon.

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