What are WPSA Addons?

Simply put WP Sales Automator addons, add extra functionality on top of the core plugin features.

I decided to have a core plugin that provides lots of features that a typical vendor would need, then with addons offering individual features that you can purchase if and when you need them.

Looking at other solutions many have a set price, with for example 1 site license at $100, and unlimited at $300. Sometimes even charging extra for a particular feature they know people will want. They have all the features, many that I would never use but still charge the same price, plus extra on top for “high in demand” features!

So I wanted to offer a solution where the customer can pick and choose just the features they need.

For example you may only want the core plugin and affiliate addon, that’s no problem. It saves you money, later on you might want the coupon addon.

Not only that, as a WPSA customer you pay once and you can install on unlimited blogs you personally own.

Also in development, an API will be made available for anyone using WPSA can create their own addons.

View the current addons available here…

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