News 14/07/10

Ok, so finally the new version is available!

Really sorry for the wait, after sending an email notifying customers it would be available on the 5th. I found a couple of bugs so I wanted those fixed before releasing. Now that doesn’t mean you might find the odd quirk that needs ironing out! :)

We have made some big changes to the core plugin to accommodate ‘addons’ which basically gives you more functionality to the core plugin. Because it’s only $1, although it’s perfectly fine on it’s own. The addons add that extra functionality and will cost a small fee, you only need to purchase the addons you require. As a previous customer you get a 50% discount on any new addons released.

Instead of charging a higher set price and adding all new features and giving a free upgrade, this way we can continue development and improving WP SalesAutomator by releasing as addons, although new features will be also added to core plugin.

Reset Your Download Link

So first reset your download link for WP SalesAutomator.

Please note, because of the huge changes in the code this version can ONLY be installed on a new blog, it cannot upgrade your old version. We will be providing a upgrade option very soon.

Once you install the new version, you will noticed some changes to the settings, it no longer requires any paypal pdt token setup, it now works purely with the paypal IPN. Custom payment/subscription buttons, a dedicated download page, with templates. A custom download directory.

It also has trail options for the membership subscriptions, you can also easily setup multiple membership levels, all done on the subscriptions page.

You can also now add multiple files when adding a normal product to sell.

But most of the time was spent reworking the code to accept addons, now that is complete we can concentrate on new features to the core plugin and new addons.

First addons released are:

coupons – gives you the option to setup coupon codes for individual or all active products, with option for a percentage or set amount.

email2list – which is for the membership side, all subscription signups can now send the details from the registration page to Aweber, GetResponse or a Generic 3rd party autoresponder via email.

Next addon will be for ‘affiliate tracking’, it’s being worked on now and will be available soon. Then we have an ‘upsell’ and ‘drip-feed content’ addons.

After that we have a marketplace for all users of WPSA to add their products for others to promote, it will have some unique features that will be very exciting and help you generate more sales. Won’t go into too much detail but hopefully you will approve once it goes live! :)

A new forum is just being finished and will be ready by Monday 19th.

Leave any comments or questions below, any support related questions though please send to my helpdesk.

Thank you

Addons with a Discount!

If you would like to purchase one or both addons please use the coupon code sent to your email, to get the 50% customer discount.

Select Option Product Description Price
WPSA Coupons
A WPSA plugin addon, to add functionality of coupon codes, full details. $11.95
WPSA email2list
A WPSA addon, to add functionality for 3rd party autoresponder, full details. $11.95

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