New Affiliate Tracking addon

We have a new addon for affiliate tracking! :)

I know many have been awaiting for this release, me too! finally we can let customers and visitors promote through the affiliate addon to earn commissions.

We’ve been testing every day for the last week, ironed out many bugs, tweaked and changed a few things. And I feel it’s at a stage to release and to be used on a live blog, I’m sure we will find a few minor bugs. But any that arise will be resolved straight away.

The affiliate addon, has some great features, and hope you agree when you install it. Affiliates are paid using the paypal masspay API to help you automate the process, you also have a refund period feature that the addon will track refunds and cancel a commission, also move the commission from pending to set to paid once the refund period has past. All things to help automate the process.

I decided not to use instant commissions, I’ve used scripts that do that and although it’s great for the affiliate, for the customer it can cause confusion and that’s something I didn’t want to do. So that’s the reason to use the masspay api and automate as much as possible to make it easy for us the vendor.

I do have plans for instant commissions, that will make it a win win for all parties with no confusion. And I’ll release more info on this once development has started. It won’t be another addon, but a free update.

WP Sales Automator Affiliate Program

The WP Sales Automator affiliate program will be live very soon, just finishing the new design. So once that’s completed I hope many of you will want to promote to earn some nice commissions :)

Reset Your Download Link

So first reset your download link for WP SalesAutomator core plugin. So the affiliate addon works with the WPSA core plugin and tracks affiliate referrals.

Download your copy of WPSA Affiliate:

Affiliate addon – gives you the option to setup affiliate tracking for individual or all active products or subscriptions. Start generating more sales through the power of affiliate marketing 😉

Leave any comments or questions below, any support related questions though please send to my helpdesk.

Thank you

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