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Become an affiliate partner!

Signup as a WP Sales Automator affiliate and earn 50% commission on every sale you generate :)

As an affiliate you can earn up to $31.87.

When referring a visitor, if they do not purchase straight away, the cookie length is 361 days. So any time they return, you can still earn the commission up to 1 year later!


    I understand and accept all terms and conditions

    1.) Zero spam - Anyone found to be promoting via email
    to people who have not joined your mailing list will be
    banned and added to a blacklist.

    2.) You CANNOT join with the sole purpose of purchasing
    through your own link to get a discount. If found doing so,
    you will be added to a blacklist with no further updates or

    3.) As a 14 day refund period is offered. All commissions are
    paid within 2 days after the refund period has passed. There
    is no set day for paying affiliates, we simply track based on
    the 14 day refund period, once that has passed you are paid
    on all commissions earned in the prior 14 days.
    All commissions are made via paypal.